What is Virtual Freight Management? (VFM)

Virtual Freight Management (VFM), being a relatively new term, is still open to varying definitions.

Generally speaking, VFM refers to completely cloud-based programs that, at minimum, allow oversight and some level of control over freight movement along the supply-delivery chain.

As pioneers of this concept, LaneAxis™ takes Virtual Freight Management to the ultimate level – delivering not just some cloud-based control and oversight over freight – but total and direct control. This virtual solution gives real power to Shippers, Carriers and Drivers to plot their own logistics strategies and form profitable alliances directly with each other.

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PRESS RELEASE: LaneAxis Aims to Revolutionize Freight Transportation


March 9, 2016


Virtual Freight Management System wipes out layers of inefficiency plaguing $700 billion industry

SAN DIEGO, CA – Technology has finally caught up with trucking – with potential far-reaching benefits for the industry, economy, and environment. LaneAxis (http://www.LaneAxis.com), a San Diego-based company, has launched deployment of a virtual freight management system that gives shippers unprecedented end-to-end visibility and control over their freight. The desktop and mobile app delivers real-time analytics and insights that eliminate the need for error-prone manual reporting. By utilizing real-time internet and mobile GPS data, LaneAxis renders obsolete old and unreliable trucking technology such as the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system.

Several major shippers have started utilizing the LaneAxis platform, including a prominent grocery chain.

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Health Sciences Industry Takes Note of LaneAxis

HealthcarePackaging.com and LifeSciencesLogistics.com are trusted news outlets focused on good distribution practices for biologics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Like many industries, this is one undergoing rapid changes, and looking for solutions like LaneAxis.

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CSA Raw Data Once Again Made Public

David Cullen | Truckinginfo.com

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced on March 7 that it has restored to public view its “absolute measures” of the safety performance of motor carriers of property.

The agency said it has made the necessary modifications to its Safety Measurement System (SMS) website to make it compliant with the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, the highway passed late last year.

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