Trucking apps could be worth $35 Billion by 2025

The trucking industry has long had a reputation for lagging behind the technological times. But the last five years has seen tech companies from Silicon Valley and beyond push the pedal to the metal, and suddenly the trucking industry is the darling of the tech world. Considering trucking is a nearly $800 billion industry, it’s no real surprise.

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Autonomous Trucks, Disrespect, and Deadly Roads: The Harsh Realities Facing Today’s Truckers

From Silicon Valley to Russia, automated trucks are moving in – which means millions of truck drivers may be forced to move on. The International Transport Forum recently released a report stating up to 70 percent of all trucking jobs around the globe could be wiped out by 2030 as a result of self-driving trucks. The United States currently has about 3.5 million truck drivers, which means a massive wave of unemployed workers will swamp the job market. Ironically, it is the fear of these future layoffs that is contributing to the current driver shortage in America. Too few drivers now, too many down the road.

It’s a tricky time in trucking.

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