Virtual Freight Management: A Healthy New Logistics Option for Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, and the Cold-Chain

Moving high-dollar, time-sensitive, fragile freight is a critically important task for many businesses. Some sectors, particularly in the life sciences, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries, require particularly tight oversight and control over their shipments – especially those traveling along the cold chain. Today, that oversight and control is often limited, costly, and disparate.

Virtual Freight Management (VFM) offers a complete and extremely cost-effective solution to most, if not all of these challenges.

Even in today’s digitized and hyper-connected world, many Health Sciences organizations still rely on large, dedicated carriers, freight brokers, or third-party logistics services (3PLs) to handle these tasks, usually at a premium price. Many also utilize expensive fleet-tracking platforms such as Qualcomm.

Cloud-based “VFM” systems like LaneAxis utilize internet and GPS technology to give Shippers/Manufacturers closed-looped, real-time load tracking and status updates, all on their computer screen. Just as important, it generates real-time, in-transit data that can be fully customized and integrated to suit the shipper’s particular information needs.


LaneAxis goes beyond just providing real-time tracking and data for the healthcare transportation industry. More benefits include:

  • Ability to create, expand and easily access a network of highly qualified preferred carriers that meet the organization’s strict contract and insurance requirements.
  • All carrier information, including insurance limits, driver details, CSA scores, and Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL) are uploaded by the carrier. This is all viewable by the shipper. LaneAxis automates the process of monitoring carrier/driver compliance.
  • Every load is tracked via GPS from pre-pickup to final delivery, with load position viewable on a map with ETA listed.
  • System can be configured to capture load-specific data, such as temperature of cold-chain trailer, which can be viewed in-transit, in real-time.
  • All freight location and in-transit data updates can be delivered at regular intervals determined by the shipper – such as every 5 minutes, every half hour, or every hour, etc. Carriers can also utilize this feature. That’s real-time information on everyone’s screen.
  • Accurate tracking of Hours of Service (HOS) for drivers.
  • Ability for driver to report delays or problems such as bad weather or accidents, which they can take pictures of and transmit through their mobile app.
  • Cloud-based. No expensive or complicated software/hardware overhauls.
  • Automatic notification when driver breaches outbound and inbound Geofences.
  • Instant digital confirmation of load delivery.
  • All documentation instantly stored in a digital archival vault.
  • Affordable pricing model based on a low per-load fee.

LaneAxis is currently proving its value in the world of cold-chain logistics, having recently been deployed by a major grocery chain.

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