What is Virtual Freight Management? (VFM)

Virtual Freight Management (VFM), being a relatively new term, is still open to varying definitions.

Generally speaking, VFM refers to completely cloud-based programs that, at minimum, allow oversight and some level of control over freight movement along the supply-delivery chain.

As pioneers of this concept, LaneAxis™ takes Virtual Freight Management to the ultimate level – delivering not just some cloud-based control and oversight over freight – but total and direct control. This virtual solution gives real power to Shippers, Carriers and Drivers to plot their own logistics strategies and form profitable alliances directly with each other.

Imagine, a simple-to-use desktop and mobile app that eliminates the need for costly brokers, 3PLs, and outdated transportation management systems.

That’s exactly what our VFM system does.

Here’s a partial list of solutions LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management provides to real-life logistics problems:

  • Real-time tracking and performance data on every load from cradle to grave
  • Automated monitoring of Carrier/Driver compliance including insurance, CSA scores
  • Digital delivery of Load Manifest
  • Real-time pickup and delivery confirmation sent through app
  • Easy to integrate and configure with existing systems – No expensive hardware or software overhauls
  • Allows Shippers to build a “Virtual” in-house Carrier network
  • Gives Carriers and Drivers unprecedented direct insight into available loads
  • Can automate matching Shippers and Carriers for each shipment based on pre-set criteria


Manufacturers and Shippers have long sought out solutions to a myriad of freight logistics challenges:



A robust Virtual Freight Management system should have a positive, direct effect on every one of the concerns listed in the above chart. Low-risk, low-cost, high-reward – just three reasons Shippers will be flocking to VFM systems for years to come.

Built by trucking veterans and the brightest tech minds around, LaneAxis is constructed on a foundation of several dozen patent-pending processes – all intended to capitalize on the latest cloud-based technology. This proprietary design delivers the purest form of information and freight control to Shippers, while helping Carriers fill their trucks and streamline operations. Our goal is to be the primary transportation marketplace for Shippers, Carriers and Drivers – handling both dedicated and spot market freight.

LaneAxis is leading the way in Virtual Freight Management by not only optimizing shipments, but the Shipper-Carrier relationship itself.

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